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Video congratulations from our girls from Africa with a dance

Video congratulations from our girls from Africa with a dance

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African girls will dance for you❤️

 Just 3 easy steps to order

Follow three simple steps

1. Enter artist and song(Our girls will dance to the selected song)

2. Enter 2-3 short sentences of your wish (the text will be written on the board and you will hear it from the girls)

3. Add a birthday photo

*To add a song, you need to specify the artist and the name of the song or add a link from YouTube and specify the seconds from which the song should begin

Lead time for an order?

Order processing time 1-2 days;

Orders placed before 21:00 will be shipped the next day;

We don't record videos on Sunday

What video format?

Video congratulations can be done horizontally or vertically, please add this information to the order or send an email with the order number. No format specification, videos are shot horizontally

How long is the video?

The duration of the video recording with wishes is 50-55 seconds. To extend the duration of the video for an additional fee, contact us by email.

How will I receive the video?

We send each video to the client individually by email with a link to Google Drive. The video is available on Google Drive for 30 days.

Is there a return option?

Unfortunately there is no return option. Each entry is made to order, according to your requirements. In case of exceptional circumstances, please contact us by email:

Do we post customer videos on social media?

Only with your consent! Write us an email with the order number and consent to share record.

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